A-C & Register Covers

During the heating season, many people try various strategies to reduce drafts through central air conditioning system register, including covering them with tape, blankets, magnet covers, or sometimes cardboard. Even if the register has adjustable louvers, closing louvers rarely eliminates all airflow. A-C DraftShields Covers are a more effective means of sealing your air-conditioning system registers, keeping cold air from entering your home through your air conditioning ducts during the winter. Estimated losses through air conditioning system ducts may equal as much as 95 gallons of heating oil, or 131 therms of natural gas (source: MAVCAP Industries, acdraftshields.com).

Central A-C DraftShields� 12"x12" Cover
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Central A-C DraftShields� 14"x14" Cover
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Central A-C DraftShields� 15"x8" Cover
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Duck Window Air Conditioner Cover
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Duck Central AC Exterior Cover
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Jebb Indoor AC Covers
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A-C DraftShields Through-Wall 26"x16" Cover TS2616
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