Attic Tent

...Helps save energy and money almost instantly by covering your attic entrance with the Attic Tent...

Your attic opening is often an unnoticed cause of energy and heat loss in your home. The Attic Tent-Attic Door Insulation Cover is an easy, affordable solution to making you home more comfortable. It is an insulated covering that fits around your attic opening, creating a thermal barrier and reducing heat loss.

Attic Tent Benefits:
  • Reduces Energy Bills
  • Saves on Heating and Air
  • Easy 1-2-3 Installation
Attic Tent Size Info Introduction to Attic Tent Attic Tent Applications Attic Tent Installation

Insulate with Attic Tent: Fast, Safe, and Easy!

Attic Tent AT-1 -  22"x54"x7"Attic Tent AT-1 - 22"x54"x7"
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Attic Tent AT-2 - 25"x54"x7"
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Attic Tent AT-3 - 22"x54"x13"
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Attic Tent AT-4 - 25"x54"x13"
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Attic Tent AT-5 - 30"x60"x13"Attic Tent AT-5 - 30"x60"x13"
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Attic Tent AT-6 - 32"x81"X5"Attic Tent AT-6 - 32"x81"X5"
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Attic Tent AT-7 - 30"x30"x15"Attic Tent AT-7 - 30"x30"x15"
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Sale price: $225.00
Attic Tent Applications

Through the years, homeowners who have been aware of air transfer/loss through the attic have attempted to remedy it by placing insulation around the attic door opening. Unfortunately, this technique doesn't provide an air tight barrier, therefore, little reduction in the amount of energy waste and air loss is achieved. It also creates harmful airborn particles of dust and fiberglass each time the attic door is opened or closed.

The Attic Tent is a specially engineered, patented insulator designed to create an air transfer barrier between your attic and living areas. It is a practical and economical solution to a problem that has existed since homes were first built with overhead attic entries. That problem is wasted energy through and around the attic door and stairs.

The engineers at Attic Tent solved the problem of attic stair air transfer/loss from the perspective of the homeowner. They designed a product that not only significantly reduces air loss, drastically lowering your energy bill, but also provides safe and easy zipper accessibility into your attic. It also keeps blown insulation up in the attic where it belongs, not on your floor, each time you open your attic stair door.

Introduction to Attic Tent

Attic Tent Installation

1. Measure how high the attic stairs are above the rough frame (2x6). This will determine the height of Attic Tent needed. Attic ladder side rail made with a (1x4) need a 7inch height Attic Tent.

Note: Attic Tent height installed. Attic stairs with ladder side rails made from a (1x5 or 1x6) will require additional clearance, the 13 inch height will be needed. See sizing information on product page.
2. Measure inside width and length of rough fram (2x6 frame.)

3. Place Attic Tent with the zipper heads at the hinge end of the attic stair box.

4. Staple the mounting flange to the rough frame, on all four sides about every 2 -3 inches.

5. Seal between mounting flange and rough frame with a bead of caulk.

Note: View videos on home page to see active installation!

Installing an Attic Tent to seal Knee wall door!

Steps to install Attic Tent over knee wall door:
  • Align Attic Tent vertical to the back side of the door frame.
  • Insure that the zipper end is down.
  • Fold flange under zipper side to attach to the floor.
  • Staple around door frame on attic side and seal with a bead of caulk.