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Bradford White Everhot Tankless Water heater TG-199E-N TG-199E-X
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Efficiency Attributes
Bradford White's residential EverHot® tankless water heaters supply continuous hot water at a set temperature to the entire house. These units only operate when there's a call for hot water resulting in reduced energy consumption. These models also save space and are available for indoor or outdoor installation.

  • ENERGY STAR® Qualified These models qualify for the January 1st, 2009 minimum ENERGY STAR® EF requirement, as well as most utility rebate programs.
  • Interior and Exterior Models Twelve units (Natural Gas and Propane Gas) with self regulating maximum BTU/hr. inputs ranging from 150,000-199,000.
  • Digital Main ControllerInterior models have a digital controller integrated into the front panel of the water heater with a default temperature range of 96°F-120°F (140°F maximum). Exterior models are shipped with a primary remote controller with a default temperature range of 96°F-120°F (140°F maximum). An optional Main Controller/Residential (p/n 239-44509-00) can be wired remotely and provides a default temperature range of 96°F-120°F (140°F maximum).
  • Commercial Conversion Capability For application flexibility, all models can be converted to a commercial model with the use of a commercial controller.
  • Commercial Controller An optional Main Controller/Commercial (p/n 239-47805-00) is available for commercial and hydronic applications (maximum temperature setting for each model on reverse side).
  • Continuous Flow Supplies hot water continuously at the temperature set point.
  • Heat Exchanger Nine pass design to maximize heat transfer and efficiency.
  • Direct Electronic Ignition No standing pilot.
  • Fully Automatic Controls Outgoing water temperature is monitored by a built-in sensor. Burner and combustion blower modulate between minimum and maximum input to maintain setpoint temperature.
  • Diagnostic Capabilities Error messages in numerical codes are displayed on primary control.
  • Space Saving Installation Compact size for tight installations (mounts on the wall).
  • Lime Accumulation Sensor Built into the heat exchanger to alert of build-up.
  • Co-Axial Venting Interior models can be vented horizontally through a wall or vertically through the roof. Maximum equivalent vent length is 41ft. Interior models have dedicated venting system components that must be ordered separately (see I&O manual for specific venting components).
Bradford White Everhot Tankless Water heater TG-199E-N TG-199E-X is an Energy Star certified product. According, to the Energy Star by replacing your old boiler to Rheem Boiler, you'd save...

CO2 Emission:

890 lbs. equal to 15 trees saved


76 Therms


more than $97.00 saved on utility bills
*Calculations are based on the performance of 50 gallon tank size water heater at cost $ 1.273 per Therm

Nat. kBTU/Hr. Input LP kBTU/Hr. Input GPM Flow Rate at F Temperature Rise EF Rating Nat. and LP GPM Flow Rate Commercial Control Maximum Temperature Setting A Height in. B Width in. C Depth in. Approx. Shipping Weight lbs.
35F 65F 100F Min. Max.
15-199 15-190 9.4 5 3.3 0.82 0.6 9.4 180F 23 14 7 46

Additional Information:
Specification Sheet (pdf)
Installation Guide (pdf)
Parts List (pdf)
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