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BurnhamHigh Efficiency Cast Iron Boiler ES2-4
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Item #: ES2-4

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The ES2 is an award-winning high-efficiency boiler that brings a combination of unmatched performance, lasting durability and exclusive features—all for an excellent value. The ES2 is able to reach Energy Star® Certified efficiencies by using unique technology, such as the IQ Control System, that is exclusively installed on Burnham boilers. Consumers Digest has deemed the ES2 a Best Buy based on the amount of features it packs into an affordable package. The ES2 is an environmentally friendly boiler that is easy to maintain, while also helping homeowners save money. With a variety of sizes to choose from, the ES2 is also an ideal replacement for millions of homeowners.

ONLY Certified HVAC Installers - Read Warranty Policy Before Purchasing
If your home is one of the over two million American homes equipped with an atmospheric (chimney vented) gas boiler, you may already have the basis for a new high efficiency venting system that allows you to take full advantage of the ES2’s chimney venting capabilities. For most homes, it’s as simple as installing a metallic chimney liner that insulates the interior of your chimney. Discuss your particular chimney requirements with your installing contractor.

Installation and Warranty Policy:

The Energy Conscious and Burnham recommend the installation of all Burnham Boilers to be done by a licensed, trained & qualified HVAC technician with the proper knowledge and background. A trained technician will be able to properly size and install all Burnham Boilers products for optimal performance and long life. Should you encounter an issue during the installation of the unit, Burnham cannot accept any service or warranty calls from anybody but a licensed HVAC technician. Further, Burnham's Boilers expressed warranty policy will only apply to products installed by qualified and licensed HVAC contractors.

  • Model Number: ES24
  • Input (MBH): 105
  • DOE Heating Capacity (MBH): 88
  • I=B=R Water Ratings (MBH): 77
  • AFUE%: 85
  • Electrical Requirements: <2 Amps

Additional Information:
- Brochure (PDF)
- Spec Sheet (PDF)

* Minimal radial distance around vent pipe and breeching
** Add height required to maintain 6” clearance from all breeching components
*** Area of each opening 1 sq. inch for each 1,000 BTUH input - with minimum of 100 sq. Inches. Height of opening should be half the width.
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