Cold Cathode

Cold cathode technology is relatively new in screwbase lighting, offering exceptional lamp life. It is suitable for use in rapid cycling applications, in which the bulb will be turned on and off frequently (e.g. flashing signs) or on dimming circuits.

MaxLite 5w Flame Tip SKC5WWMaxLite 5w Flame Tip SKC5WW
Regular price: $5.65
Sylvania Dimmable Decor 29742Sylvania Dimmable Decor 29742
Regular price: $12.64
TCP Candelabra-Base Flame Tip 8TFCO3WHTCP Candelabra-Base Flame Tip 8TFCO3WH
Regular price: $9.95
TCP Cold Cathode A-Lamp 8A05FTCP Cold Cathode A-Lamp 8A05F
Regular price: $12.25
TCP 5w Frosted Flame Tip 8TF05FTCP 5w Frosted Flame Tip 8TF05F
Regular price: $13.80
TCP 5w Clear Flame Tip CCFL 8TF05CLTCP 5w Clear Flame Tip CCFL 8TF05CL
Regular price: $12.00
Litetronics 8w A19 Cold Cathode MB-800DLLitetronics 8w A19 Cold Cathode MB-800DL
Regular price: $13.25
TCP 5w Candelabra-Base Flame Tip 8TFC05LVTCP 5w Candelabra-Base Flame Tip 8TFC05LV
Regular price: $13.25
TCP 8w A19 CCFL 8A08FTCP 8w A19 CCFL 8A08F
Regular price: $13.50
TCP 5w Cold Cathode Flame Tip 8TF05LVTCP 5w Cold Cathode Flame Tip 8TF05LV
Regular price: $14.75
TCP 5w Cold Cathode A-Lamp 8A05LVTCP 5w Cold Cathode A-Lamp 8A05LV
Regular price: $15.45
TCP 3w Candelabra-Base Flame Tip 8TFC03LVTCP 3w Candelabra-Base Flame Tip 8TFC03LV
Regular price: $15.54
TCP 8w Clear Flame Tip Clear 8TF08CLTCP 8w Clear Flame Tip Clear 8TF08CL
Regular price: $14.42
Sale price: $12.02
TCP 8w Frosted Flame Tip 8TF08FTCP 8w Frosted Flame Tip 8TF08F
Regular price: $16.95
Litetronics 8w R30 Cold Cathode MB-900DPLitetronics 8w R30 Cold Cathode MB-900DP
Regular price: $16.75