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The Energy Conscious and DOW Building Solutions Have Teamed Up

Dow Building Solutions serves the global building, construction and related markets with industry-leading insulation, housewrap, sealant and adhesive products, as well as complete systems. Through its extensive manufacturing, sales and technical support organization, Dow Building Solutions continually creates novel solutions for improved energy efficiency in buildings today, while also addressing the industry's emerging needs and demands.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) named Dow as a 2008 Energy Star Partner of the Year for excellence in energy management and reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. The Energy Conscious is proud to be the first and leading online partner and distributor for Dow Building Solutions furthering its goals of delivering energy efficiency to DIY and Trade Professionals.


The Energy Conscious and DOW Building Solutions Have Teamed Up

Whether you need technical, support or sales expertise, our Dow experts are ready and eager to assist you. A few minutes with them will save you a lot of money. Please call 888-4056064 and find out what you need. Please review our Value Proposition and if you are a Trade Pro or a Reseller, take note that The Energy Conscious offers Tier Pricing for different categories of buyers. Calling our sales department will help you determine if you qualify for Tier Pricing.

The Energy Conscious and Dow Building Solutions share the same goal of reducing CO2 emissions in the atmosphere and caring for our environment, so future generations can inherit the same beautiful planet which kindly nurtured us over time.

Currently The Energy Conscious is committed to Plant a Tree in your name every time you purchase $100 or more from us. In recognition of the multiplier effect that weatherization products from Dow Building Solutions has on energy efficiency in the home* and its resulting impact on the environment, The Energy Conscious is committing to double the number of planted trees against the same $100 purchased from us for Dow Building Solutions products. You can name each Tree in one of your relative or friend’s name and get a certificate from American Forests, the oldest and most respected conservation non-profit organization in the US. You can learn more about American Forests here.

*About 25-40 percent of home heating and cooling costs can be attributed to air infiltrationą through gaps and cracks around the home.