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Field Control Combustion Air System 24V for Gas- Up to 280,000 BTU - CAS-4
Item #: CAS-4

Field Control Combustion Air System 24V for Gas- Up to 280,000 BTU - CAS-4Click to Enlarge

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Efficiency Attributes

These models are designed to provide combustion air for appliances when direct connection to the burner is not possible (when the appliance is located in a confined space). According to NFPA 54 and NFPA 31, an engineered system such as a CAS-3, 4, 6 or 7 may be used to overcome the lack of air in a confined space. The CAS-3 is designed for use with oil appliances. The CAS-4 is for use with gas appliances with 24 VAC gas valve controls. The CAS-4MV is for use with 750mV power pile gas appliances. Each is designed for optimum safety and includes a proving device that won't allow the burner to engage without the Fan-in-a-Can operating. Multiple units or additional controls are required for multiple appliance installations. Each is equipped with a two speed control for enhanced versatility.

How the CAS-4 Works:

When the thermostat calls for heat, the Fan-in-a-Can engages and begins drawing air into the structure. When air flow is established, the pressure switch closes. The CAS sends a signal to the appliance, allowing the burner to fire. The Fan-in-a-Can diffuses the outside air into the room near the burner to ensure adequate air for efficient combustion.

Field Controlsí Combustion Air System increases AFUE by up to 2% which translates to a savings of approximately 5% to 10% per year on heating costs.
General Specifications:
Air Flow @ 0 static pressure (Hi speed, fan unit) 325 cfm
Air Flow @ 1.0" w.c. (Hi speed, fan unit) 130 cfm
Weight* (as shipped) 14 lb.
Dimensions* (in.):
Inlet Dia.:

Sound Level*, dB @ 36" (Hi Speed) 68
RPM (Hi speed) 2600
Motor Voltage (VAC) 115 single phase
Motor Amps. (max.) 0.80
Control Input Voltage 24 VAC

Additional Information:
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