Using a compact fluorescent globe is an excellent way to save energy in pendants, open bathroom vanity fixtures, and similar applications in which the appearance of a globe bulb is desirable. You can check CFL bulb application under Energy Star's Choose A Light Guide"Choose A Light Guide" before selecting the right light for your home. These bulbs are also energy saving and environment friendly. To calculate your savings, click on the Energy Star CFL savings calculator.(XLS)

Consult this chart for:
- Light output equivalency between Incandescents and CFLs
- CFL generated $Cost and CO2 Emissions savings CFL bulbs

Incandescent CFL Cost Savings
CO2 Savings
40w 11-14w $39-$44 507-572lbs.
60w 15-19w $62-$68 806-884lbs
75w 20-25w $76-$83 988-1079lbs.
100w 26-29w $107-$112 1391-1456lbs.
150w 38-42w $163-$169 2119-2197lbs.

Feit 15w G30 Globe BPESL15GT
Regular price: $7.50
Sale price: $6.19
TCP 9w G25 Globe 1G2509
Regular price: $5.59
Feit 11w ECObulb G25 ESL11GTMM
Regular price: $5.50
TCP 14w G25 Globe 2G2514
Regular price: $5.60
TCP 19w G30 Globe 1G3019
Regular price: $9.50
TCP 14w G25 Two-Pack 8060142
Regular price: $9.00
TCP 9w G25 Two-Pack 8060092
Regular price: $8.00