Most of our national discourse is focused on how to increase the availability of various sources of energy, as our population grows and our natural resources are finite. At The Energy Conscious, we believe that there is just as large a role for energy and water saving through efficiency. Energy and water efficiency means wasting less without sacrificing comfort�unlike conservation, which requires (sometimes painful) changes in behavior.

      A 2009 study by the consulting firm McKinsey found that efforts to boost efficiency by using existing technologies could reduce American energy consumption by more than 20% by 2020. This is a whopping statistic, which reflects substantial savings to consumers and industry alike, and real progress in caring for our planet and environment.

      Efficiency often comes from using new technologies that are more attuned to energy saving, like fluorescent lighting, tankless water heaters, or dual and low flush toilets. But consumers can also save energy by using existing units more productively (for example, by insulating pipes and ducts or caulking windows and doors). Either way, improving efficiency pays for itself quickly by lowering energy and water bills year after year. It also promotes a cleaner environment. It�s a win-win situation�for people and for the environment.

      Our Mission

      To be conscious means to be aware of what is available to you as a consumer, builder, and/or contractor. This knowledge can be daunting, but it shouldn�t have to be. The mission of The Energy Conscious is to help consumers understand their choices when it comes to energy and water saving applications on the market and on the horizon. We will provide our clients with pertinent information to fit their unique circumstances and enable them to decide what is best for their home, office, or workplace. We will only offer products that save energy and water, delivering unmatched efficiency. Most of our products will have the highest efficiency labels, including (but not limited to) Energy Star, Water Sense, and LEED (USGBC). We will communicate to our clients the expected savings and efficiencies achieved with their purchases.

      Ours will be a marketplace with the largest selection of energy and water efficient products. It will be a one-stop shop offering unmatched product availability for our clients� home and workplace efficiency needs. Based on our belief that the more we consume energy and water efficient products, the cheaper and better they become for all of us, we maintain an �always promote� sign, encouraging lower prices and greater turnover. Finally, an unwavering commitment to a superb customer service experience will drive our efforts to maintain a long-term relationship with our clients.

      Our motto, �My Money, My Planet,� serves to tell our story that both people and the environment can comfortably thrive together.