Worldwide Delivery with International Checkout

The Energy Conscious have partnered with International Checkout to offer an outstanding international delivery service to our customers worldwide.

So what are the benefits of using International Checkout?

Enjoy Discounted International Shipping Charges

International Checkout are able to offer highly competitive shipping rates.

We've assessed transit charges by other shipping companies and concluded that International Checkout offer the best value for money for our customers.

Pay in Your Local Currency or US Dollars

With International Checkout, you have a full range of payment options. 

You may select to pay in your own local currency with Visa or Master Card.

International Checkout now accept payments in 33 local currencies: 

 Australian Dollar
 Indian Rupee
 Saudi Riyal
 Argentinean Peso
 Israeli Shekel
 Singapore Dollar
 Brazilian Real
 Japanese Yen
 South African Rand
 Canadian Dollar
 Macau Pataca
 South Korean Won
 Chinese Yuan
 Malaysian Ringgit
 Sri Lanka Rupee
 Colombian Peso
 Mexican Peso
 Swedish Krona
 Costa Rican Colon
 Norwegian Krone
 Swiss Franc
 Danish Krone
 New Zealand Dollar
 Taiwan Dollar
 Euro  Peruvian Nuevo Soles
 Thai Baht
 Guatemalan Quetzal
 Philippine Peso
 UK Pound Sterling
 Hong Kong Dollar
 Russian Ruble
 United Arab Dirham

Additionally, you may pay via American Express, Discover, JCB, PayPal, Moneybookers, or Bank Transfer - in which case you will have an option of paying in US Dollars.

Choose Standard or Priority Shipping Method

International Checkout will get your items to your doorstep as quickly as possible.

Standard: arrives to your address in approximately 8-20 business days.

Priority: arrives to your address in approximately 4-10 business days.

Average transit times, assuming normal customs clearance, from the day packages are shipped from the International Checkout depot: 

Standard Shipping: Priority Shipping:
Canada 4-6 business days
Canada 1-2 business days
Asia 4-6 business days
Asia 3-4 business days
Western Europe 4-6 business days
Western Europe 2-3 business days
Middle East 5-7 business days
Middle East 3-5 business days
Australia/New Zealand 5-8 business days
Australia/New Zealand 3-5 business days
Eastern Europe 5-8 business days
Eastern Europe 2-5 business days
Africa 5-8 business days
Africa 2-5 business days

Transit times are estimated and are not guaranteed. International Checkout are not responsible for delays caused by your local customs offices.

Please add 3 - 5 working days on top of these transit times to allow for the domestic shipping of your order from our warehouses to International Checkout depot first.

We recommend that our customers choose priority shipping as it incurs only a small surcharge in addition to the standard shipping rate.

Your Order is Fully Insured

Your package is fully insured and trackable.

You will receive a shipping confirmation and tracking details as soon as your order ships from International Checkout depots.

Choose to Pre-Pay Your Local Duties & Taxes

You have an option to pre-pay your local duties & taxes at a guaranteed rate with International Checkout. 

If you choose to pre-pay duties & taxes, you may avoid customs delays and International Checkout guarantee that you will not be responsible to pay anything when your order arrives.

If you do not choose to pre-pay duties & taxes, you will be responsible for duties, taxes and any related charges when your order arrives in your country.

Please note: Duties & taxes are calculated and charged by customs in your country. This is simply a service provided by International Checkout for your convenience.

Get Multi-Lingual Support Team to Handle Your Order

From the moment you submit your order, you will be pro-actively informed of your order's progress by International Checkout's world-class multi-lingual customer service team.

You will also be provided with your own login, enabling you to view your order history and check the latest status and tracking updates.

Depending on your location, please use the following phone numbers to contact International Checkout support team:

  • USA and Canada: +1866.6820641
  • USA Phone: +001.310.601.8196
  • UK Phone: +44.20.8133.2436
  • Australia Phone : +61.28003.4685
  • Denmark Phone : +45.369.50312
  • Sweden Phone : +46.4069.35779
  • Hong Kong Phone : +852.8175.6057
  • Japan Phone : +81.50553.46826
  • Finland Phone : +358.(02)3619.0437
  • Brazil Phone : +55.(11)3717.5368
  • Dominican Republic Phone : +1809.202.3017
  • Ireland Phone : +01 443 3715
  • Mexico Phone : +55 8421 8266
  • New Zealand Phone : +09 889 0408
  • All Others: +001.310.601.8196

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US Customers Can Ship to International Destinations

International Checkout will be happy to accept US credit cards and get orders shipped to international destinations.