Leviton 1" Socket Extender 30006
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Efficiency Attributes

This socket extender from Leviton can permit the use of a compact fluorescent bulb in a socket in the compact fluorescent bulb otherwise might not fit. Screw the socket extender into the existing socket, and screw the light bulb into the socket extender. Having the extender between the original socket and the bulb will essentially move the bulb away from the original socket by 1 inch.
Typical fixtures in which a socket extender may be useful include deep recessed cans, in which use of an extender will push the bulb down toward the face of the can. Another typical use is with table lamps with harps, in which the bottom on the harp is too narrow to accomdate some compact fluorescent bulbs.

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Dollar Savings: $300 annually

C02 Reductions: 400 lbs (over product's lifetime)

Per Energy Star, The average US household spends close to $380 a year on lighting. By changing your lighting to newer technologies such as Compact Fluorescent Lighting (CFLs) and Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs), you can save up to an estimated $300 a year.

An Energy Star qualified bulb prevents more than 400 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions over its lifetime. It is estimated that if every U.S family replaced one regular light bulb with a CFL, it would eliminated 90 Billion pounds of greenhouse gases, the same as taking 7.5 million cars off the road.
* Maximum Wattage: 660 watts
* Approvals: UL, CSA
* Manuafcturer: Leviton
* Origin: Mexico
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