Mounting Structures

Most mounting systems now have evolved to using simple non-corrosive extruded aluminum rails with all stainless steel hardware. They go together fast, securely, and unobtrusively. A great variety of flush, tilt-up, low-profile, high-profile, ground, roof, wall, RV, and pole-top mounts are available that can be configured to meet almost any need on almost any surface.

Sun Tracking
If you can make your PV modules face directly at the sun and follow it across the sky, both logic, and real-world experience say you'll harvest more energy. In summer, particularly in latitudes closer to the equator, when the sun is making a big high arc overhead, you can gain 30% to 35% more energy. Often, this is the only way to boost solar pump output, and it happens at the time of year when more water is usually most appreciated.

- Solar Terms (Glossary)