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Welcome to Our Plant-a-Tree Initiative - As easy as planting your own tree. Hang on, it's a lot easier.

Plant a tree every time you spend $100
How it Works
Step 1: Create An Account.Step 1: Create An Account.

Our Philosophy of Responsibility:
At The Energy Conscious we may be young, but when it comes to responsibility, we believe in sustainability and in being good stewards of the earth. We can’t talk about our slogan “My Money, My Planet” without being passionately engaged in making a difference in our communities. We've made it easy to encourage sustainable environmental practices by incorporating our Plant-a-Tree program into the check-out function of our site. Now all of us can participate in something bigger while saving energy and money.
  Why Trees?
Why plant trees: A single tree can absorb 10 pounds of air pollutants a year, and produce nearly 260 pounds of oxygen - enough to support two people. We have partnered with American Forests to plant trees every year through their Global ReLeaf Program. These trees beautify the landscape and reduce carbon emissions, making air cleaner to breath and minimizing our collective carbon footprint. Just one more thing to feel good about being Energy Conscious.

Our Recognition
Planting trees is no small thing. We want to thank you by sending you an official, personalized certificate from American Forests, which you can print, frame, customize or gift. By choosing to shop at The Energy Conscious, not only are you reducing energy and saving money, but you have exponentially increased your impact in carbon reduction. Bravo!


American Forests
We’re proud to work with American Forests and their sustainable Global ReLeaf program planting trees all across the country and throughout the world. It is the oldest conservation non-profit in the United States and one of the most respected organizations of its kind, with a proven history of positive environmental impact. You can learn more about American Forests here.

American Forests Global ReLeaf

The Energy Conscious 3 Savings
Every aspect of what we do is focused on saving. From your wallet, to your energy to your planet, each purchase from The Energy Conscious triggers three types of built-in savings. Our Plant-a-Tree initiative is an expression of our third savings category, environment.

American Forests Global ReLeaf American Forests Global ReLeaf American Forests Global ReLeaf

By shopping at The Energy Conscious you are directly participating in an initiative that literally plants millions of trees every year across the US and the world. It’s a beautiful thing.

*From Nov 1, 2012 to Nov 1, 2013, The Energy Conscious will buy a tree from American Forests
to plant through their Global ReLeaf ® forest restoration program.
**One tree per transaction.
†Shipping cost excluded.