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Slant/Fin Galaxy GX-GXH Series Gas Boilers Water Model GXH-275
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Slant/Fin Galaxy GX-GXH Series Gas Boilers Water Model GXH-275Click to Enlarge
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Slant/Fin's Galaxy is one of America's most trusted gas boilers. Installed in tens of thousands of homes, Galaxy is the choice of experienced heating professionals everywhere. For homeowners, it's the wise choice for long-term efficiency and reliability.

  • Extended jacket conceals controls, wires and gas valve
  • Standing pilot or intermittent pilot
  • Assembled with only durable metal push nipples
  • Low profile GXHA steam models fit in locations with reduced overhead clearance
  • 25 Year Limited Lifetime Warranty
How it Works:

Galaxy is a highly reliable natural draft boiler that means. It connects to a chimney and needs no fans nor power combustion devices, making it a simple and reliable boiler. Its cast-iron design is recognized by heating professionals everywhere as the longest lasting, most durable heat exchanger material.Specially shaped thermal pins promote efficient heat transfer. With fewer components, there's less chance of losing your heat because of component failure. The boiler heats quickly, sending warmth to radiators throughout your home within moments of your thermostat's call for heat.

The Galaxy steam models produce dry steam and delivers it to system through a 2 1/2" supply tapping. This ensures lower steam velocity and quieter system operation. The speed skimmer trough built into Galaxy PZ steam boilers, makes cleaning the boiler water easy by skimming of surface films of grease, oil and other contaminant's.

Installation and Warranty Policy:

The Energy Conscious and SLANT FIN recommend the installation of all SLANT FIN Boilers to be done by a licensed, trained & qualified HVAC technician with the proper knowledge and background. A trained technician will be able to properly size and install all SLANT FIN Boiler products for optimal performance and long life. Should you encounter an issue during the installation of the unit, SLANT FIN cannot accept any service or warranty calls from anybody but a licensed HVAC technician. Further, SLANT FIN's expressed Boilers warranty policy will only apply to products installed by qualified and licensed technician.
Ratings Steam or Water
CSA Input (Btuh) 273,000
D.O.E. Capacity Water (Btuh) 223,000
D.O.E. Capacity Steam (Btuh) 223,000
Water(Sq.Ft.) 1290
Water (Btuh) 194,000
Steam(Btuh) 167,000
Steam(Sq.Ft.) 696
Tankless Heater Capacity(G.P.M.) 5

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