Spirals are the most popular type of Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL). Spiral CFLs are made in several sizes to fit most common fixtures. You can replace most of your traditional bulbs around the house with spiral CFLs. Their light casting qualities are similar to incandescent lights, however consuming a lot less energy. Spirals are screw-in bulbs with a standard/medium E26 base. With your purchase you will generate substantial cost savings and carbon offset. To calculate your savings, click on the Energy Star CFL savings calculator.(XLS)

Consult this chart for:
- Light output equivalency between Incandescents and CFLs
- CFL generated $Cost and CO2 Emissions savings CFL bulbs

Incandescent CFL Cost Savings
CO2 Savings
40w 11-14w $39-$44 507-572lbs.
60w 15-19w $62-$68 806-884lbs
75w 20-25w $76-$83 988-1079lbs.
100w 26-29w $107-$112 1391-1456lbs.
150w 38-42w $163-$169 2119-2197lbs.

MaxLite 13w Home Comfort Spiral HCS13WWMaxLite 13w Home Comfort Spiral HCS13WW
Regular price: $2.25
Energetic 13w Spiral 1-Pack
Regular price: $2.45
MaxLite 13w SpiraMax Spiral SKS13EADLMaxLite 13w SpiraMax Spiral SKS13EADL
Regular price: $2.50
TCP 14w SpringLamp 801014TCP 14w SpringLamp 801014
Regular price: $2.95
Sale price: $2.15
MaxLite 18w Home Comfort Spiral HCS 18WW
Regular price: $2.50
TCP 19w SpringLight™ 801019TCP 19w SpringLight™ 801019
Regular price: $2.95
Sale price: $2.60
TCP 23w SpringLight™ 801023
Regular price: $3.19
Sale price: $2.66
Feit 13w EcoBulb® ESL13T
Regular price: $2.60
MaxLite 11w SpiraMax SKS11EAWW
Regular price: $3.09
MaxLite 15w SpiraMax Spiral CFL Bulb SKS15EAHLWW
Regular price: $2.75
Overdrive 9w T2 Spiral CFL Bulb
Regular price: $2.80
TCP 27w SpringLight 801027
Regular price: $3.95
Sale price: $3.50
Harmony 15w Mini-Spiral H150MS
Regular price: $2.90
Harmony 20w Lightwiz H20027S
Regular price: $2.90
Harmony 25w Lightwiz H25027
Regular price: $2.92
Earthmate 13w T2 Spiral CFL Bulb E1352AK
Regular price: $3.50
Sale price: $3.00
MaxLite 23w Home Comfort Spiral HCS23WW
Regular price: $3.00
MaxLite 23w Micromax Spiral CFL Bulb MLM23SHLWW
Regular price: $3.25
Earthmate T2 Spiral 20w E2052AK
Regular price: $4.00
Sale price: $3.40
MaxLite 25w MicroMax CFL Bulb MLM25SWW
Regular price: $3.69
Earthmate T2 15w Spiral E1552AK
Regular price: $3.75
Earthmate T2 23w Spiral E2352AK
Regular price: $4.50
Sale price: $3.82
TCP 13w GU24 SpringLamp 33113SP 27K
Regular price: $4.00
TCP 23w GU24 Spiral 33123SP
Regular price: $6.36
Sale price: $5.30
TCP 18w GU24 Spiral 33118SP 27K
Regular price: $5.60
Sale price: $4.99
Harmony 30w Lightwiz H30027
Regular price: $4.60
GE 15w Mini-Spiral CFL Bulb FLE15HT3/2/827
Regular price: $5.33
Sale price: $4.44
GE 20w Mini-Spiral CFL Bulb FLE20HT3/2/827
Regular price: $5.45
GE 26w Spiral CFL Bulb FLE26HT3/2/827
Regular price: $5.63
MaxLite 30w MicroMax MLM30SWWMaxLite 30w MicroMax MLM30SWW
Regular price: $7.67
Sale price: $6.40
GE Reveal 10W CFL FLE10HT3/2/RVLCD
Regular price: $5.95
GE Reveal 13W CFL FLE13HT3/2/RVLCDGE Reveal 13W CFL FLE13HT3/2/RVLCD
Regular price: $6.35
GE Reveal 20W CFL FLE20HT3/2/RVLCDGE Reveal 20W CFL FLE20HT3/2/RVLCD
Regular price: $6.65
GE Reveal 26W CFL FLE26HT3/2/RVLCDGE Reveal 26W CFL FLE26HT3/2/RVLCD
Regular price: $6.95
TCP 14w SpringLamp Three-Pack 8010143TCP 14w SpringLamp Three-Pack 8010143
Regular price: $7.50
Sylvania 13w Micro-Mini Two Packs 29727
Regular price: $8.20
TCP 19w SpringLamp Three-Pack 8010193
Regular price: $8.80
TCP 23w SpringLamp three-Pack 8010233
Regular price: $9.35
Sylvania 20w Micro-Mini Two-Pack 29728
Regular price: $7.90
Sale price: $6.58
Sylvania 23w Micro-Mini Two-Pack 29729
Regular price: $8.46
Sale price: $7.05
TCP 23w Fresh2 Ti 28923F2
Regular price: $11.50
MaxLite 42w MicroMax MLM42SWW
Regular price: $11.75
GE Energy Smart 55 Watt FLE55HT5/2/SW/BX
Regular price: $14.25
MaxLite 25w DimMax Spiral MLS25EADWWMaxLite 25w DimMax Spiral MLS25EADWW
Regular price: $15.49
TCP 68w SpringLamp 28968TCP 68w SpringLamp 28968
Regular price: $29.34