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Sto-Cote Tu-Tuf #4 9' X 100' Vapor Barrier - White
Item #: VB485X100

Sto-Cote Tu-Tuf #4 9' X 100' Vapor Barrier - WhiteClick to Enlarge

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Efficiency Attributes

Moisture is generally present in warm air, but insulation's effectiveness is often compromised by dampness. Using a vapor barrier between insulation and the warmer, more moist side of the insulation helps to maintain the insulation's performance. Tu-Tuf is an excellent quality cross-laminated virgin poly sheeting, made from high-density resins. It is strong and durable, with a 4-mil thickness. On above-ground levels, Tu-Tuf should be placed completely around the structure, including walls and ceiling, resulting in zero wind chill infiltration. Below grade, Tu-Tuf should be installed around the outside perimeter from the base to the ground level, and laid under the concrete flooring, eliminating moisture migration. Tu-Tuf #4 is white with a smooth texture.

Recomendations Tu-Tuff #4 is generally recommended for use under concrete slabs. Why?
  • #4's material is more rigid than the #XF. Because it is a stiffer, harder product, it does a better job in this type of application.
  • Foundation-Layers like it because it's tougher for walking & tracking on. It's white color makes it easy to see.
Facts Tu-Tuff is handy, above & below ground.
  • In General - Tu-Tuff should be run completely around your structure, including walls & ceiling. The two types (XF & #4) have almost identical vapor barrier properties.
  • Interior Walls - Tu-Tuff is generally to be placed over the warmer, more moist side of your insulation material (usually between interior insulation & interior walls). Foundations & Slabs - Wrap Tu-Tuff around your outside perimeter from base to ground level.
  • Place Tu-Tuff under concrete flooring.

The Energy Conscious
My Money, My Planet

Dollar Savings:
C02 Reductions:
1.37  Metric Tons

According to ongoing program evaluations by The Weatherization Assistance Program [Department of Energy], weatherization efforts bring a return $1.83 in direct energy savings to the homeowner for every $1 spent on weatherization.

Weatherization measures also reduce carbon dioxide output by nearly a metric ton per weatherized home. Carbon dioxide is often cited as a likely contributor to global environmental changes. Source Environmental Protection Office
- Vapor Permeance: 0.00741
- Water Resistance: 100 dry indicator/hour
- Tensile Strength: 8507 psi, 34 lbs. per inch width
- Puncture Resistance: 275.8 beach units (6 times more puncture resistant than 3-mil poly)
- Manufacturer: Sto-Cote Products

  • Color - White
  • Texture - Smooth
  • Thickness - 4 mil
  • Vapor Permeance - 0.00741
  • Dimensions - 8.5 feet Wide x 100 feet Long
  • Water Resistance - 100 dry indicator/hour
  • Pinhole Resistant- Yes; Tu-Tuff is actually pin hole free, an impossibility with typical vb's
  • Tensile Strength - 8507 psi, 34 lbs. per inch (Tu-Tuff tensile strength is 3.6x's greater than other vapor barriers)
  • Puncture Resistance - 275.8 beach units; 6.4x's more puncture resistant than industry standard vb's
  • Manufacturer - Sto-Cote Product

Additional Information:
- Installation Guide (pdf)
- Information Sheet (pdf)
- MSDS (pdf)
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