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Tyz-All 50x80 White Plastic Interior Storm Window Kit
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Efficiency Attributes

Tyz-All 50" x 80" White Plastic Interior Storm Window Kit

The Tyz-All storm widow kit is used to stop the infiltration of cold air into the home during winter. Each kit contains a plastic spline, channel system, and installation instructions. It is ideal for use on windows measuring 50" x 80" or smaller, as the plastic can be cut to size.

  • Attach the lengths of the plastic channels around the frame of the window.
  • Take the clear vinyl sheet, and spread it across the face of the window, using the spline (thin, plastic strip) to hold it in place.
  • Lock the plastic strip into the channel.
  • If necessary, cut the spline and channels with a utility knife. The vinyl can be cut using scissors.

The Energy Conscious
My Money, My Planet

Dollar Savings:
C02 Reductions:
0.08  Metric Tons

According to ongoing program evaluations by The Weatherization Assistance Program [Department of Energy], weatherization efforts bring a return $1.83 in direct energy savings to the homeowner for every $1 spent on weatherization.

Weatherization measures also reduce carbon dioxide output by nearly a metric ton per weatherized home. Carbon dioxide is often cited as a likely contributor to global environmental changes. Source Environmental Protection Office
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