$ Volume Pricing

You can expect discounts when you buy large quantities. Prices normally vary with quantity. Further, sometimes manufacturers are eager to get their products out the door in larger quantities making volume pricing even more attractive. We encourage you to contact our sales department and request competitive volume pricing. We promise to go the extra mile (keep no stone unturned) to help you get prices that will work in your project, bid or proposal.

To obtain volume pricing you can either contact our sales department by phone toll free at (888) 405-6064, locally at (202) 640-2570 or e-mail us at [email protected]. Should you prefer to use e-mail we encourage you to expand on your needs and provide us with detailed and specific information about your project needs, timeline etc...

Try our volume pricing. It works.

We have highlighted a sample of the most requested and purchased items by our Property Manager, Plumber, Energy Auditor, and Builders and Contractor clients.

Announcements and Offers:

- HVAC Controls Summer Promotion - (PDF)

- Exhaust Fans Summer Promotion - (PDF)

- Benjamin Obdyke Select Products Offer - (PDF)

- CAROMA Dual Flush Toilets - 50% Off Offer (PDF)

- Save on Green Building (PDF)

- Prevent Dryer Fires. Introducing Lint Alert (PDF)

- INSULSURE Attic Tent - Free Shipping Promotion (PDF)