Attic Tent AT-5 - 30"x60"x13"
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Insulating your attic hatch door is an effective way to reduce heat losses from your living area into the attic. The Attic Tent is a specially engineered, patented insulator designed to create an air transfer barrier between your attic and living areas.The Attic Tent will cover the attic hatch, reducing heat loss while preserving easy access into your attic. It can also prevent blown insulation from falling from the attic each time you open your attic stair door. It is lightweight, durable, and easy to install.

The amount of money you will save will vary depending on the severity of your climate. The Attic Tent has been proven to reduce air transfer by at least 71%.The Attic Tent is a DIY solution which will install in 15 minutes.The Attic Tent is available in seven different sizes.

The Attic Tent will fit around the outside of the attic stair frame and secured with staples. You may add a bead of caulk around the seam to help to insure a more airtight fit. The Attic Tent is made of 1/2 inch thick micro-fiber urethane insulation with a durable synthetic shell. The R-value of the Attic Tent is 3.2.

When determining the width and length of your stair frame, measure the outer edge of the attic stair frame box, since the Attic Tent will be secured to the outside edge. The tent with a 7 inch depth is suitable for stairs with 1 x 4 inch ladder side-rails.

- Easy 1-2-3 Installation!
- Cost efficient
- Lightweight and durable
- Effective Design

Why Green?
- Conserves energy
- Energy Star "home sealing" approved
- Improves indoor air quality

Manufacturer: Insulsure
Additional Information:
- Attic Tent Instructions
- Attic Tent Sizing
- See The Attic Tent in Action

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