Panasonic WhisperCeiling FV-11VQ5
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This WhisperCeiling fan features a totally enclosed condenser motor and a large, double suction blower wheel to quietly move air. A small wheel turning very fast will create more noise than a large wheel turning more slowly for a given airflow. This fan uses a wide blower wheel that moves a large amount of air at reduced RPMs. The blower wheel is also designed to draw air in from both sides, which helps keep the noise down, as there is more area for the air to enter the wheel.

The fan is designed to give you continuous, trouble-free operation for many years with permanently lubricated motors which wear at a slower pace. Also, since heat is detrimental to motor life (the cooler the environment, the longer the motor will last), the electrical configuration of the condenser motor was designed to operate at lower temperatures, increasing the life of the motor and bearings. The fan housing is made of heavy-gauge zinc galvanized steel and painted to protect it from rust.

The fan has detachable adaptors, firmly secured duct ends, adjustable mounting brackets (up to 26"), fan/motor units that detach easily from the housing and uncomplicated wiring all lend themselves to user-friendly installation. This model also features a double-hanger bar system for ideal positioning.

Finally, this Panasonic fan has a built-in damper to prevent backdraft, which helps to prevent outside air from coming through the fan. Also, with cool running motors, the fan does not create excessive heat, allowing loose fill or batt insulation to be placed directly over the fan housing.

  • Voltage/Power: 120VAC 60Hz
  • Certifications: UL Listed for use in a tub/shower with GFCI branch circuit wiring
  • Model # Specs): 110 cfm, <0.3 sone, 21.1 watts, 5.3 cfm/w, 0.1 (inches w.g.) (more specs)
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