Retrotec Smoke Puffer Pencil
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Air Current Testers are often called smoke puffers, and are an essential tool for finding leaks in your enclosure. A Retrotec Air Current Tester creates about 1000 puffs of neutral buoyancy smoke, making it easy to track and see invisible air leaks in duct work and thermal envelopes.

Your Air Current Tester comes packed in an airtight storage tube with 2 spare nozzles and 1 spare rubber tip, and has an indefinite shelf life. The internal glass vial holds the 10 ml of TiCl4 chemical indefinitely prior to charging. The tester can be charged merely by folding the tube. Which means no messy chemicals to pour.

Air Current Testers can test for:

* Air-flow Direction
* Room and building leak location
* Duct leakage
* Energy wasting house leaks
* Room pressure imbalances
* Pressure neutralization
* Backdraft, spillage and heat exchanger leaks

Once activated, the Air Current Tester will produce small or large controlled puffs. Long puffs can be used to check for air movement over wide areas and smaller puffs can be used for leaks in small rooms.
Additional Information: - Retrotec Manual (PDF)
Additional Information: - Retrotec Material Safety Sheet (PDF)
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